The Unconditional is an unflinching look into the lives of two undiagnosed special needs kids and their parents as they grow older with no answers in sight.

The Krakowiak family faces the everyday struggle of having a special needs child with an undiagnosed disease … twice. Best friends since age 15, Heath and Mariel have two young children that have been through the NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program. The kids have had their full genome sequenced without finding any official answers or diagnosis beyond two individual genetic mutations. With no official diagnosis they receive less government funding for their therapies because there is no “box to check.” They are forced to apply for grant funding to supplement their significant out of pocket costs.

Every day is a challenge as Colbie (8) and Lleyton (5) try to navigate their way through the world in a way we can’t fully understand. Their brain scans are 100 percent normal, but they suffer from a debilitating disorder that has prevented them from ever speaking a word or taking an unassisted step. They lack fine motor skills and struggle with structural issues as they grow older and bigger. And there is no way for them to reciprocate the unconditional love bestowed upon them by their family.